‘Crucible of Gold’ proof you’re not stuck with one genre

Published April 12, 2012 by wyldflamingo

Naomi Novik’s sixth alternate history novel in the ‘Temeraire’ series (Crucible of Gold) was released March 6th. Since my last post was about crossovers in television, it seems a perfect time to talk about Naomi Novik’s transition from writing for video games (hardcore RPG fans will recognize her from the game ‘Neverwinter Nights’). With her fantasy cred established writing for RPGs (role-playing games), it probably wasn’t TOO big a jump into the world of fantasy book publishing.

Novik’s claim to fame is the alternate history she’s devised for her novels’ worlds. Set during the Napoleonic War, dragons play a major role in battle, tactics, and the overall military. Novik extrapolates from history and adds amazing details, like an Air Force made up of Dragons. I love her attention to detail as she mixes her fictional world with the historical one–weapons, military order, battles, social hierarchy…it’s like reading a Jane Austen novel with a fantasy element (NOT the HIDEOUSNESS that is “Pride, Prejudice and Zomies” or “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”). Novik extends her series outside of Britain and france as well, journeying to Shanghai, and Australia. Seeing the world not just from the eys of a “modern” military man, but from an intelligent, articulate dragon offers insight and revelations from entirely different perspectives.

I’m looking forward to catching up with the dragon Temeraire, and the military man of honor he has chosen to serve.


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